AstaPoint Systems Automatic Degassing Valve Applicator
Good for pre-open zip stand up pouches with multi layers of polyester and sealant with or without aluminum foil.
Stack type pre-made bag magazine: Pick up the bag and move to the right place for sealing valve to the bag.
Man-machine Interface: Easy touch screen, select the operation mode and trouble shooting information center.
Vibratory feeder: Auto inserts the valve into the valve setting block.
Valve Detector: Detects if valve is in place before sealing the valve to the bag If not the machine stops and buzzer turns on.
Bag Detector: Detects if bag is in position for valve if not in position machine stops and buzzer turns on.
Trouble shooting information center: Identifies Problems and displays how to fix it.
Bag collector: This unit can be moved left and right to collect the bags and counting the bag based on the pre-set quantity.
Digital precision timer and temperature control assures consistent quality.
Air filter-regulator with auto drain device adjusts the air pressure.
Movable sliding device adjusts the location of the valve from top of the pouch.
Spring loaded of valve sealing head to prevent damaging foil layer.
Spring loaded of valve sealing head to prevent damaging foil layer.
Collector Unit Included
Counter system: Preset the quantity required per carton. When the quantity achieved alarm will sound and machine will stop for replacing the empty carton.
Stepping motor: Move carton left and right to avoid valve over lap.
Control box: Connect wire to the PLC main control panel for automatic operation.
Spring loaded of valve sealing head to prevent damaging foil layer.
Technical Information:
Production speed: 12 to 15 pieces per minute.
Maximum distance of the valve from top of the pouch: 7 1/2” ( 185mm ).
Overall dimensions: 34 1/2” W x 50.7” D x 70.8” H ( 865W x 1290D x 1800H mm ).
Total weight: 1045 Lbs. ( 470 Kg.)
Power requirement: 220v, / 1P / 50Hz.
Compressed air requirement: 90-100 PSI compressor with 120 liter tank is feasible.
Minimum bag size: ( 3 3/8″ W with 1″ side gusset (80mm width with 25 mm side gusset ).
Maintenance metric tool: One set of metric tool is provided with the machine.
One year warranty against defective parts and workmanship.
This warranty does not cover parts failure due to improper use of machine.
Warranty service is AstaPoint Systems Ltd. Taiwan.
Payment Terms:

50% Deposit w/ balance due prior to shipping. Bank wire transfer, Check w/ verified funds, VISA or MasterCard (U.S. Bank Cards Only + 3.5% surcharge.

Wire Instruction:
Call for Wiring Instructions

Lead Time:

Within 45 days after receipt of the Order Confirmation and 50% Deposit of verified funds.

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  • Model No: APVA-6000
  • Item No: SVI-201630000-2100
  • Distributor Pricing US$: 39,600.00
  • F.O.B. Taiwan Port