The DB-GUSSET, the latest improved model made to handle side gusest pouchs, because the bag format of gusset is qute different from normal standup bag, so we have to special build mechanical and software for this bag type.


  • DOYBAGER is made to handle varieties of packaging jobs with preformed pouches. Features compact design in single station working and touch screen for easy setting, loading bags on a top cassette with easy adjustment function, would smart suit to Multi-size handling by one machine.
  • System control by PLC, motions drove by Cylinders, used suction cups to do typical motions of picking & transferring, opening bag step by step, easy to operation and maintenance.
  • DOYBAGER Multi combined able with varieties of dosing tools for varieties of packaging needs in real, suit with such as Multi-head scale, linear scale, auger filler, cup filler, liquid pump and so on, for food or none food.
  • DOYBAGER is a mini conception by offering a modest level of packing speed from 6 to 15 bags/min only so can be one thing in economical investment to get. Save money enough to operate by those small or medium users who meet needs to upgrade his packaging jobs but limited productions output in fact, in case they do not spend huge amount to get a big stuff but overflow his output level in deep.

Technical information:

  • Pack jobs for: Granule / Powder / Liquid / Food or None Food etc. Petfood, Coffeebeans, Nuts, Coffeepowder, Flourpowder, Sauce, etc.
  • Capacity: Up to 1500g or more
  • Packing Speed: (Depends on different models & functions required) 6~30bags/Min
  • Bag Size: (Depends on different models) Width 80mm to 300mm, Height 150mm to 430mm
  • Bag Types: (Kinds of laminated pre-made bags) 3Side Seal Pouch, Standup Pouch, Box Pouch / Flat Bottom Pouch,
    Side Gusset Pouch;Standup Pouch 3Side Seal Pouch Boxpouch/Flat Bottom Pouch Side Gusset Pouch
  • Electric: AC110~220V, 50/60Hz, 1Phase, 1.5Kw;
  • Pneumatic: 0.5m3/Min 0.65Mpa;
  • Overall dimensions: 1630~1750L x 510~750W x 1300~1650H (mm);
  • Total weight: 160~220Kg;

Optional Devices:

Zip Opener


  • Locked zipper open automatic;
  • Can be set Run and Standby formula;
  • Size Requirement to zip bag: Bag Width 130mm; Bag Height 150mm; Bag Lip 30mm; Distance of zip to bag mouth edge;

Grip Seal


  • Prevented seal area polluted by splashing out materials; (Powder or Liquid)
  • Effective to Gas Device;

Gas Device


  • Inflation; (Air or Nitrogen and so on)
  • Vacuum;
  • Inflation & Vacuum Both;

Bag Taper


  • Heavy weight support; (when weight over 1Kg)
  • Settle down material onto bag bottom fast and well when filling; (Loose & Un-easy flow Material)

Ribbon Hot Stamp Printer



  • Simply 2 or 3Lines / 12Digits max per line date printing;
  • Print on bag corner of bottom / Vertical Direction;
  • Can be custom made character strings;
  • For example: MFG 06 01 2015 EXP 06 01 2016

Linear Motion supporter for Ink Jet Printer



  • Mitsubishi servo motor driving;
  • SMC linear motion actuator;
  • An assistant component on duty to support the INK JET Head;

Typical components:

Bag Cassette


  • Position of bag loading;
  • 50bags or around on each cycle with easy adjustment to suit Multi-size;

Bag Magazine & Bag Picker


  • Position of filling, opening and sealing bag;
  • Picking, transferring, opening by bag picker with suction cups;

Bag Gripper

  • Holding bag edge when opening, filling and sealing;
  • Flattening the bag mouth flat when heat seal;

Insert Hopper



  • Insert to bag mouth to help material drop down;
  • Square hopper suit granules like products;
  • Round hopper with dust sucking tube suit powder like products;


Combined with bucket chain by manual feeding


  • By manual feeding suit to 3~6 workers operated at same time;
  • Suit to un-easy weighted products packaging;
  • Suit to Multi-kind Products into one packaging ;

Combined with 1Head linear scale


  • Max height 1900mm in total;
  • Cost economic suit to 1~2 workers operated;
  • Suit to granule like products packing which not in big production output;

Combined with 2/4Head linear scale with auto feeding




  • Turnkey system by auto feeding suit to 1~2 workers operated at same time;
  • Suit to kinds of granule like products weighting & packaging;

Combined with auger filler with auto feeding


  • Turnkey system by auto feeding suit to 1~2 workers operated at same time;
  • Suit to kinds of powder like products weighting & packaging;

Payment term:

50% Deposit, balance due prior to shipping. You may pay by Bank wire transfer, Check w/ verified funds, VISA or MasterCard (U.S. Bank Cards Only + a 3.5% charge card surchange.

Wire Instruction:
First Tennessee Bank (Johnson City, Tennessee)
Routing No. 084000026
Signature American Industries, Inc.
Final Credit: 181216715

Lead time:

Within 60 days after receipt of the Order Confirmation and 50% Deposit of verified funds.

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