This equipment is designed for attaching the pre-glue 0.315 double tin tie to pre-made bags for the re-closure of the bag after opening. The products utilizing the tin tie closure for keeping the freshness of the bag contents.


Base Unit APTT-2000
(Optional) Collector Unit APTT-2100

  • Man-machine Interface: Easy touch screen, select the operation mode, pre-set tin tie quantity and trouble shooting information center.
  • PLC control system: Auto bag picking up, feed and tin tie cutoff control.
  • Trouble shooting information center: Shows where and what is the problem and how to fix it.
  • Bag collector: This unit can be moved left and right to collect the bags and counting the bag based on the pre-set quantity.
  • Banner sensor: Detect the eye mark on the tin tie and cut the tin tie.
  • Stepping motor: Drive the tin tie forward and stop at the right place to match the bag and install the tin tie onto the bag.
  • Bag conveyor system: 700 mm long conveyor to load the bag for transfer to the tin tie cutting point.
  • Bag position device: A bag position plate to move the bag to the place before the installation of the tin tie.
  • Tin tie spool: A reel unit to load the tin tie. The maximum diameter of the spool is 300 mm. The eye mark pitch are 120 mm ( 4 3/4” ), 140 mm ( 5 1/2” ) and 178 mm ( 7” ).
  • Peel off scrap strip and collect to a spool for easy clean up the scrap.
  • Pre-set bag quantity, when the pre-set quantity achieved and bag collect carton move to the next position.
  • Good for paper or plastic film bags.
  • Rigid square steel framing with powder coating.
  • Movable bag bottom stop plate adjusts the distance of the location of the tin tie.

Technical information:

  • Location of the tin tie –
  • Machine speed: 18 bags per minute per operator.
  • Minimum: 10 mm ( 3/8” ) from top of the bagMaximum: 60 mm ( 2 3/8” ) from top of the bag.
  • ( One operator can take care of 2 machines )
  • Bag size: 76 mm ( 3” ) to 178 mm ( 7” ) in width.
  • Power requirement: 110v or 220v, 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Maintenance metric tool: One set of metric tool is provided with the machine.


One year warranty against defective parts and workmanship. This warranty does not cover parts failure due to improper use of machine. Warranty service is AstaPoint Systems Ltd. Taiwan.

Payment term:

50% Deposit, balance due prior to shipping. You may pay by Bank wire transfer, Check w/ verified funds, VISA or MasterCard (U.S. Bank Cards Only + a 3.5% charge card surchange.
Wire Instruction:
First Tennessee Bank (Johnson City, Tennessee)
Routing No. 084000026
Signature American Industries, Inc.
Final Credit: 181216715

Lead time:

Within 45 days after receipt of the Order Confirmation and 50% Deposit of verified funds.

Shipping and Freight Details:

Pricing is F.O.B. Taiwan port.
Net Wt 460 kg / Gross Wt 580 kg *Including the APTT-2000 and APTT-2100 together.
Crate Size Dims: 155 cm L x 110 cm W x 190 cm H

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