Why Choose Digital Printing?
U.S. based production within 30 days after Proof Approval.

Digital printing is ideal for short run flexible packaging. This process helps us produce packaging much faster which in return, helps you get your product to the market faster. The HP Indigo 20000 offers the freedom to produce nearly any packaging application, including flexible packaging, labels, and shrink sleeves on film or paper. Enjoy an expanded application range, breakthrough white ink technology, advanced color capabilities, and enhanced productivity. With the most advanced computer software capable of automatically sending artwork to our print devices thus eliminates many of the traditional setup costs.  In addition, This method of printing promotes these advantages:

  • Precise Printing – Digital presses have incredible color registration, with limited trapping requirements. Digital color palettes have grown substantially over the past decade, and producing color matches are done with ease.
  • Quantity– Digital Printing allows you to print lower quantities. This is especially efficient when you have a multiple SKU’s Product.  The printer allows you to print exactly what you want, not what you need to cover high set up costs with other processes.

These are just a few of the advantages offered by The Custom Coffee Bag Company’s short run Printing for packaging.


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